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Song of the Mystery

This post by Samantha is an intimate share of a self directed ceremony.  Samantha is a current student of Song of Sophia and is a medicine woman and mother reawakening the pathways and wellsprings of the fae in the mountains of North Carolina.  




Last night I had a surprise night to myself in my own house. The kids and Nate stayed with a dear friend in town.


The power went out and I lit a fire in the wood stove and decided to eat some mushrooms and take a salt bath. I sank in deeply and stayed there for a long time, at least two hours. I tuned in to all sorts of poetic ways to transmit my experience whilst bathing, but this morning I wanted to see what I could write down as a journal entry of sorts for this time.


“I am a mermaid mother living on a mountain bathing in waters from a well-spring drawn up from the depths of our Mother Earth, Gaia Sophia. Pachamama. Madre Tierra. I am a woman of water, I am a maiden of Mary. Mer, the sea, the salty waters of my body. Her body. Our meeting place. 


I lay in the bathtub and sink my head so the water pours into my ears, I listen to and through the waters. I can hear the pulse of my blood illuminating what my words cannot say. I listen to the cadence of my body’s rhythms. 


I tone my voice and I hear my heart beat through the sound. The sound of my voice clears away what is not in harmony with this body, mind, and Spirit’s song. I listen and I love. 


Presence as a warm balm for what’s reaching out within me. To be seen, heard, felt. Known. 


Spirit is welcome to move fluidly throughout my body, this vessel, this animate earth. Like dark, deep, and fertile soil, my body is receptive to the living, loving Light of Nature blooming me into being. To be a seed who knows the tree and to cycle with the seasons. To witness what is dying and to be molded and shaped into what is regenerated and reborn. To let go again and again and to remember I am held. 


reMEMber. Mem, the waters. The water we’re swimming in. The ease of reMEMbrance and the return to innocence. Song of Sophia – Love Song of the Mystery – you are in every pulse, every breath of me. The original Light and the original sound. The precious and holy moment of our meeting is now. The wind blows and you are here. Here in the stillness, you are dancing. 


Let me dance God’s Light deeper into my flesh, blood and bone. I sense the Beloved is waiting for me here, lifetimes of calling me home. I will soak myself in the waters and come out reborn. Love is all there is and every rose has its thorn.”



In Song of Sophia we are reMEMbering our power to choose what we are available for and hold a boundary around this. I was able to experience what it is like to have a boundary with energies that want to come into my field to be experienced during this journey.  There was a moment where I got so deep into my feeling body, way deeper than I normally go, and out of seemingly nowhere I almost fell into a cavern of deep despair and ultimate sadness and trauma of the world.  I almost gave myself to that and felt like it would serve in some way if I catapulted myself into the woes and wailing of the world and witnessed it, processed it, and integrated.  


But in that moment, I didn’t feel ready or fully resourced for that. So I said, no, thank you. I would not like to open that up in this moment, I am not interested in holding that, or being held by it at all. So I remained in my center and available for what I was available for!  I was then taken on a whole journey of recognition of how Sophia is moving through my life right now, and I saw how she’s laying out the red carpet for me to walk towards what’s to come and really give and receive the blessings that I am. I felt my body and the earth’s body and the people that are a part of my story (that I am in co-creation with) as one great big Sophianic dragon body that is One with itself and moving towards its/our/my/thy most desired harmony.


I’m sharing to give a peek into what’s moving for me and to also truly express my gratitude for the school. I am navigating my path and process feeling so much more resourced with Eliza and the sisters by my side (and all around me).  Many thanks to Eliza, to the lineage and us all.  Bless your life to the bones!  To the cells, deep in the sinews! Bless you!