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Online Course

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Beginner's Guide to Sophianic Womb Embodiment

Hosted by Eliza Maora

open to the lineage with a

3 ParT Recorded womb healing seminar

2 Hours for each call

Part 1

Opening to Sophia

Divine Fertility

Contemplations on Sacred Union & Womb Healing

Trauma Informed Approach

Part 2

Orientation to the Darkness

Sophianic Womb Grid

Heaven on Earth Embodiment

Part 3

Embodying the Descent

Somatic Integration of Shadow & Unconscious


included with the 6-Hrs of live instruction is a Recorded Meditation: Earth Element as Pelvic Floor




"I have been working in the Divine Feminine tradition for many years, and recently with a focus on deepening my connection to Gaia through womb work, shamanic journeying and ceremony. This is incredibly informative and yummy raw power. Thank you for sharing!"

"I felt welcome to dive right in and ahhhh the expansion.  Loving you and your sweet medicines! Please let me know of future works."

"This was very resonate and healing for me! I could watch it over and over. Within 2 days, I had movement in my womb. It wasn't painful, but there were significant releases!"

"Thank you for explaining Sophia without filter. I could feel your wise embodiment which helped her appear in my body. Now she is solidified in my felt-sense knowing and not only a spiritual emanation."


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Preparation Invitation for the Seminar

Ask Sophia to join your dreamtime

Limit your social media, news, entertainment, tv, etc

Limit any nervous interactions

Hydrate with living water, make choices for healthy organic foods.

Arrive with a warm tea in a cozy and quiet space. Make space to lay down and relax.

Make space to be in nature before and after the calls for integration.


The nature of Sophianic Shamanism is soul retrieval and trauma healing, Please recognize that while Eliza is a Trauma-Trained Professional and all of her offerings have special attention and tenderness towards trauma, this seminar is designed for a collective healing and class atmosphere. For those with acute trauma, please only move forward with this seminar if you have already established personal support available to you.

This seminar is recorded from a live event, and now distributed for life-time access.

When you receive the email with the link, be sure to save save it to your files for future viewing.