Cannabis Womb Shamanism Song of Sophia

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism

By Eliza / January 12, 2022 /

Cannabis and Womb Shamanism Healing Ceremony.

The prayer is to ignite the light language of cannabis within the parts of your body and psyche that are yearning for a deeper capacity for to hold visionary medicine, nurture relationship, and experience sustainable healing.

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Embodying the Descent

By Eliza / July 27, 2022 /
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Menstruation Womb Shamanism Song of Sophia

Menstruation and Womb Shamanism

By Eliza / December 17, 2021 /

You’ll learn how to:

🩸 Embrace your blood
🩸 Connect between plants & blood
🩸 Move from Bleeding in Pain to Bleeding in Pleasure
🩸 Get your channel as clear and open-flowing as possible
🩸 Explore Womb Health, Yoni Health, Fertility Cycles, and Moon Rituals
🩸 Have profound visionary experiences that support your way in the world
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Plant Taught Values Song of Sophia

Plant-Taught Values

By Eliza / January 12, 2022 /

This is a course about the values I’ve learned through my own relationships with plants; how to rearrange your practices to be plant-taught; and how to work deeper than the emergent inorganic healings that breach individual’s energetic consent, and bypass the earth’s natural cycles of life and death.

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Sophianic Womb Embodiment 3 Part Course - Song of Sophia

Sophianic Womb Embodiment

By Eliza / October 1, 2022 /
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