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Our ceremonial students immersed within intensive Plant-Taught Sophianic Devotions in January of 2021.

Their training continues until May 2023; but during Lion's Gate Portal of this year, we are called to take a moment to share and bathe in the medicine that is becoming them.

The Symposium is an online recital! It is an opportunity to share in the gifts of a lineage; to honor the living essence of medicine in its ever-changing and becoming; for the practitioner to truly take up space from that wellspring; and for you to experience the transformation of this medicine. It is surely to be a treat!

The lineage, Song of Sophia, is a guide, an entrainment, and containment. It is a holy and high dragonmother protecting and informing all of us within her bosom. She keeps us safe to do such large and impactful gridwork for the collective.

The lineage is greater than all of us individually and purely indestructible when we all recognize that together.

We want to share this magic with you!


We invite you to each of our student's individual online offerings over the course of a week.

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Ticket links to attend each Zoom offering are listed individually below.

Spiritual Cleansing: Personalizing Your Practice 

Kallie England, Akasha Wellness

Experiential exploration on how to cleanse in a way that is authentic to you, and how cleansing can reclaim our sovereignty. Kallie will touch on cultural appropriation, and why people of different genders may experience different needs around purification. There will be a purification ritual for embodiment and integration.


Awakening the Rose Lineage

Emma Kelzenburg, Rosegold Rebirth

If you are here, perhaps you are magnetized towards your place in the Rose Lineage. Emma is offering a simple yet prayerful introduction to the Rose through a Song of Sophia lineage prayer of Plant-Taught, Womb-Wise intelligence. Bring Rose oils, waters, potions, teas and medicines, and have rose plants or stems too if you are called. It’s a Rose party! Emma has a wild rose potion for purchase too.


Plant Song of Summer

Michelle Tupko, The Way of Wild Remembrance

Discover and cultivate reciprocity with the luminous and deep realms of the plant world. We'll be tuning in to plant wisdom as it arises in this specific time of the year, this season of summer we are moving through together. Michelle will guide our bodies into the Womb of Gaia to allow our gentle sound and song to come forth in sacred co-creation with a plant whom we are deepening in relationship.


Eliza's Plant Taught Wisdom

Eliza Máora, Song of Sophia (personal testimony, reach out for invite)

Celebrating 10 Years of lived experience through sharing personal inspiration of Ayahuasca Lifestyle & Faciltiation practices.


Elemental Womb Activation

Cherstaria, The Star Song

Your very physiology echoes the holiest song from the center of the planet to our solar star. Invite your body's innate remembrance of this truth through Cherstaria's channeled song, she guides a gentle journey of physical and energetic re-connection to the elemental threads woven in the womb for your worldwork.


Grief Practice: Offering the Sacred Gift of your Crystalline Tears

Kate Evans, PsiloDromos

Many of us think of grief as it relates to big losses in our lives, but grief lives when we let go of what we've been holding. It is present in all changes and transitions, even those which are wanted and needed. It is a practice. Grief holds an honoring of ourselves and the Earthen seasonal cycles of rebirth. The practice of keening from cultures on the Isles of Ireland and Scotland are an example of this.


Breath of Light Body Prayer

Carrie Poe, Song of Sophia

This is a body prayer deeply rooted in the Song of Sophia lineage. It is a journey into the felt-sense of our heaven-on-earth bodies. We will weave the golden light of the divine masculine through our bodies, filtering this light through the earth, and grounding it into the womb of Gaia. There are many gifts that come from this prayer.


Restoring Erotic Innocence

Audrey Jeanne, Wombroot

True erotic power is innocent. When we are ripened by the realness of our Eros, we have nothing to prove and nothing to get. Yet, in a world of sexual distortion, where the magnetism of Eros has become manipulated, how do we find the shimmering essence of our innate erotic innocence within the body?


Plant Taught Potions with Yarrow

Mia Muscaria, Womb Love Apothecary

Deepen your relationship with the beloved yarrow plant; an ancestor of so many cultures and dimensions. This is a potion practice of the Song of Sophia lineage. We will relate in our own unique and individual relationships with Yarrow, considering what arises in spontaneous co-creation. Mia looks forward to exploring with you what it means to be plant-taught.


Reciprocity Body Prayer

Dazzalina Raydiaance, Song of Sophia

This prayer roots us in a Song of Sophia embodiment of regenerative earth breathing. Dazzalina will guide a Sophianic-Shamanic journey deep within the center of the center of the Earth. It is rooted from here that we will be learning to cycle our living essence and lightbody with the Womb of Gaia, and more specifically: the egg of conception within Song of Sophia.


Calling on the Ancestors

Sarah Dawn, Song of Sophia

From the moment we are born unto earth, we have our Ancestors who help to guide us during this incarnation. Their support is felt in those moments when the wind blows and sends shivers up your spine, or a sudden smell that awakens your cells, or the new food you tried that your DNA remembers from generations past. Our ancestors are just as important as our living family members and to honor them is to honor yourself.


Each student is sharing an offering that has gifted them illumination throughout their studies. We are courting what the wellspring of Song of Sophia wants to move through them. 

We hope to see you there! Please email with any questions.


  1. Alexa on July 16, 2022 at 6:20 pm

    Would love to join

    • Eliza on July 26, 2022 at 10:12 am

      We would love to have you dear! Each class is an individual sign up as it is held uniquely by the ceremonialist. On this page, there is a list of links to each class where you can purchase the tickets. Click the title of the courses that interest you! Some courses are by donation and some are between 11-33 dollars.
      Many blessings! xx

  2. Ashley Cappelletty on July 26, 2022 at 8:14 am

    How much does the whole program cost?

    • Eliza on July 26, 2022 at 10:14 am

      There isn’t an option to attend the whole Symposium. I found it important to highlight the individuality of each student so each class has an individual sign up. On this page, there is a list of links to each class where you can purchase the tickets. Click the title of the courses that interest you! Some courses are by donation and some are between 11-33 dollars.
      Thank you

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