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Mayan Mystic Midwife Retreat Review

I recently journeyed to the Mayan Riviera with my family and my sisters in Magic. Here’s the story:    Upon our arrival to Isla Mujeres, my beloved Ryan and I celebrated ten years of weaving our Sacred Union together! We honored the anniversary of a decade of Bealtaine fires burning brightly in our hearts, as…

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Intimacy Fatigue & Returning to Love

Do you remember the natural fluidity of our souls in their divine blueprint? How we are made for so much more intimacy and open relationship with all that is? Open relation is organic, it is our natural state of being. In Lemuria we were so intimate with the earth and all other beings that we…

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Sacred Face Painting

Since ancient times, ceremonial face-paint, tattoos, or body design has been a shamanic ritual throughout the world.    Ritual Body and Face Painting An important part of daily life in many of the indigenous tribes of the world is the use of body and face painting. It can denote spiritual signatures within the tribe, celebrate…

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Magdalene Midwifery at the Crucifixion

The darkest winter of her existence was also the most illuminated. She walked with her beloved to the cross that would bare his body. She did not abandon her creation. She did not stumble when he planned for his death. She stayed connected as the Holy Divine Feminine of Christ. His light was her wisdom…

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Plant-Taught Values

With all of the human projections occurring on what healing is, how to fix people, and even how to keep them safe, the mushrooms inspired a Plant Taught Values Course. Plant-Taught Values is an in-depth 4-hour Course that covers Eliza’s personal wisdom as a plant-taught devotee. This course is a wonderful introduction to the Song…

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Cannabis and Womb Shamanism

I’ve noticed when plants are embodied as a medicine and a prayer of the womb, integration naturally occurs. From experience, my definition of integration: when the world you experience with the plant medicine becomes the world you experience without taking it. There is clearly a lot of integration not happening even within mindful consumption and…

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Menstruation and Womb Shamanism

The Womb is a physiological portal to the Divine. It is where all life rebirths and shifts into form. Hello dear ones. Eliza here. After healing my own dangerously painful bleeding cycle, I have lead hundreds of unique wombs and their families into a healthier, honored, ecstatic menstruation cycle. Menstruation can be all the things…

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What is Inside Eliza’s Birth Bag?

Written by Eliza   Oh! What’s in my birth bag?! I love this question. What do I bring when I go to births?   It depends on the birth but usually just my drum, some potions for shamanic work and some uterine herbs for tea, good nutritious food for the family and myself, an offering…

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Meet Our Rosemother

Blessings Beauties, my name is Eliza.   If we haven’t met before, allow me to introduce myself to you in a proper way.  I am in my 33rd birthday portal now, and it feels the right time for introductions.   Despite my age, I am a Matriarch, a midwife, a priestess of primordial waters, sacred…

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Reflections on a Year of Integration

This is a year that brought the biggest challenges and the most magical treasures Written by Song of Sophia Pilgrim Madison Earthwalker

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