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Tending in the Shamanic Realm After Entheogens

"Our conscious integrations, our Dietas, collect in our body.  They create layers upon layers of organic embodied light. The plants are a strong and fluid forcefield that become us. We become more plant than program."  --Eliza


In this day and age, I find it increasingly dangerous to offer a psychedelic or entheogenic experience for just an afternoon or a night, and send people off on their own afterwards.


The high majority of people need at least 24-hours of integrative witness and care by a worldly and skilled spirit-walker (exorcist); one who can clearly see and lovingly tend to the SHAMANIC REALM conflict that inevitably occurs in the Western World after such energetically open communion.


This conflict is mostly unconscious for those in the immediate aftercare of psychedelia because they were just kissed by God! They are rightfully soaking up the love.


These people are newborn souls wrapped in a personal mythos of being loved and worthy. We shouldn't expect them to be in charge of what happens beneath their personal healing. They are supposed to be taken care of at this time, held in the arms of the Mother, just like actual babies.


The effects of the untended spiritual conflict are usually illuminated by their psyche and the material world about 5-days to 2-weeks after the experience through various ways of addiction, co-dependencies, health complications, etc. Trauma-informed integration is great at this time, AND an accomplished spiritwalker is still required.  The purge does not end when the body stops feeling effects of the medicine, and it doesn't end after a grounding meditation, a meal, or when people drive home.


This conflict between worlds is inevitable. There is a dimension where is it always happening, and this is expanded in the medicine space.  The purge is tending to this, and HOPEFULLY the purge continues, but it needs support. People have no idea, and we can't expect them to know without extensive experience. No shame here, just experience-based stuff.  This is the same conflict that is always happening in the threshold between the inverted world and innocence. It is like a turf-war for embodiment - for attachment to human bodies! And many spirits try to make attachments in the new open space inside of someone.


The spiritwalker blocks the inorganic ones from entering, and explains the conflict to the 'newborn' in ways they can understand so they can be aware.

Do you recognize how important that is?

The inorganic is programmed to slide right through by camouflage of 'healing empowerment'. It can be sooo tricky to track.

The majority of people are unconscious to the energies that rush to attach because this awareness comes from years of training and practice in purging the inorganic and integrating the plant frequency.

Our conscious integrations, our Dietas, collect in our body.

They create layers upon layers of organic embodied light. The plants are a strong and fluid forcefield that become us. The plants become our eyes, our heart, our womb. They become our everliving body. We become more plant than program.

And this occurs through tender holding by the embodied spiritwalker - not a clinician, not just a therapist, or a space without living songs received directly from the plant to the keeper.


By Eliza