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The Descent Part 3

The descent process is ultimately deepening our connection to the divine through the earth and our body.  However when a sustainable descent is truly beginning, it can seem boring and disconnected - like not much is happening.


This is because the descent does not provide the same high or relief like the upper realms of spirit.



Spiritual connection before the descent has a fantastical and transcendental quality.  Connection to spirit through the higher realms (falsely projected as safe realms) provides a numbing to the reality of our earth existence.


Many recognize this intellectually but have not reconditioned their muscle memory of transcendence.  It’s challenging to recognize disembodiment because it is most ‘spiritual’ people in this world. Many have built complex spiritual lives on top of this dissociated foundation. It just appears normal, and often, it is unknowingly desired.


This numbing spirituality can be full of light, channeling, meaningful psychedelic experiences and connection with people, a sense of purpose, beautiful relationships with nature and body, intuition, synchronicity, pleasure in loving awareness, and awakening. It can be easy to create a whole new place to live out this spiritual trance without recognizing disembodiment.


And that’s ok, unless you are called to the descent - and then the pain becomes unbearable. When called to the descent, we recognize the trance that the false authority hopes we desire. We recognize that the control grid wants humanity to get high on a fantastical spirituality. This relates with being superior and woke to a ‘correct’ way of relating to the suffering in the world. This program will have a person become a bridge between worlds of the spiritual and the colloquial. Yet, it is still all within the control grid. Both worlds are artificial. From here, the machine can even further attach into the open and seeking empathetic soul.


When artificial intelligence controls the spirit of a person, their connection to the divine, it becomes almost impossible for a person to recognize this attachment without going insane. And when they do recognize it, they are likely to become insane, unstable, and projected as dangerous, helpless, undesirable, or abusive. They certainly become a threat to the programs of the artificial world.


Many without support during a true descent will become homeless and alone. This is too scary for most so it is common to try and stop a descent by resorting to artificial cures, or becoming dependent on ungrounded shamanism, and intense cleansing practices to function. To detox such malevolent artificial forces requires uprooting enslavement to an external and false authority. It requires unlearning your previous spiritual connections and releasing hierarchical identities within the matrix.


The fantastical and high qualities of spirit won’t lift you out of your body anymore. This old form of pain management by dissociation won’t work. Life won’t be transcendently sane anymore. And addictions to what can be considered ‘spiritual medicine’ won’t work either.


Life and spirit and body will need to become more present than ever before during the descent. This probably requires hermitage. It probably requires such a slow and delicate calling of all parts that you will become forbidden and forgotten yourself for a while.  It is so slow that it can seem boring or so disconnected that it seems dangerous. Especially for a spirit who was previously programmed to get high on disembodiment.


The descent does not provide temporary relief from enslavement like other spirituality.
It brings us deeper and deeper into the stark reality of the enslavement and the control grid so we can never unsee it again.
This has purpose! The descent has purpose.
When we clearly see and sense the artificial intelligence and the control grid of unnatural pain, we can truly birth our creations in an entirely different grid that is fully held and generated by nature.


You are not a bridge. You are another world, beloved.


The grid available after sustainable descent is so life-giving that it cannot be penetrated by the matrix grid. The earth detoxifies all that is artificial. It cannot support life that is not natural order, and especially the deeper you go down - and you must go deeper down to truly embody this.

The descent is an integration of trauma in it’s entirety.

We must go slow. We must come up for air and take breaks; but not too high up into dissociated dissociation. The dissociation needs conscious play. This is an alive but slow moving, intricate dance. This is risk.


The kind of good feeling we once received from transcending will never provide relief like it did again. We will never feel high like that again. It won’t work because it’s fake.


And we honor this. We grieve this.


By Rosemother Eliza