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The Gifts of Stepping into Legacy

This beautiful reflection is from Michelle Renee, a member of the Legacy Guardianship circle.  Michelle has been studying with Eliza for four years, and the year long container of Legacy will be her fifth year of study!  She shared this following our first call and transmission in the Council of White energies.  Through Legacy, the invitation is to turn sunwise and choose to rest in heaven in order to integrate and solidify completed descent journeys.   Threads that were dropped in the initial weaving of the descent journey can be rewoven from this resting in heaven place with ease and grace in a new way.  

The gifts of stepping into the light this year are surprising me. 


There is a lightness in my contemplation and a deep illumination of some things I have refused to see in me. My body is somatically releasing old skin at such a fast pace now… I have no choice but to continue to open my heart to the Sun’s rays each day as a reminder that I am held. 


My heart is breaking open. I’m welcoming more and more of my vulnerability forward by being still and breathing her open. A lot of sadness is still here, yet I am holding my shadow to the light finally. I’m not running or distracting myself (like I’ve accused so many others of doing). I’m welcoming this mirrored light to show me the way out of my darkness. 


I am admitting my arrogance finally and where I project on others. I have hurt so many people by these aspects in me. I know that the humbling I’ve been asking for is on the other side of my “knowing it all.” WOW… the shame that comes alongside this admitting is deeply rooted in my body. I am committed to offering all of this up to the light to release it. This is a part of my pilgrimage now.


I feel like I am becoming wider by this lighter place to grow. I feel my body changing with me. I am giving more of myself to divine will and trusting the light of the future. Discernment never felt so comfortable. Forgiveness too. 


Last week I peered into a 3 month olds eyes for a long time. His angelic presence fully open to my willingness to go into innocence with him. I felt his light body gently trying to figure out how to be in dense form. I was in awe of this process … how long it takes for us to figure it all out. Finding the way to sit in the eyes of this kind innocence and be seen is a light I haven’t experienced in a long time.


So much love is pouring through me as I think about the miraculous journey being a human being on Earth truly is. 




Written by Song of Sophia Sister, Michelle Renee