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The Heart of the Matter

Balance at the Equinox is a Gift

By Eliza, Rosemother of Song of Sophia

In the heart of the matter, of the Magdalene, all we need to connect to Divine Will is our longing. Being one with God is our natural state of being; our true origin, our birthright that is our body.

The Magdalene Heart knows that God dwells within our very cells. She has been heralding the healing of our separated states such as oppression, enslavement, and colonization. She is much older than 2000 years. She is the ancient one who first developed trust that our Mother as Gaia Sophia will always hold us.

As the waters of Atlantis rose, the fear of death also rose throughout human consciousness. Here is where the Sisters of the Rose intentionally rooted their vows for the rebirth of the Divine Child.

As both death doula and midwife, they devoted their song to resurrecting the innocence of the Goddess and Sacred Union.

The fear of death positioned Our Divine Mother as dangerous. Sacred Union became fragmented by an overload of cosmic consciousness; and as a result, society began to choose inorganic technologies that could ‘save them’ from the ‘sufferings’ of the Magdalene realm (earth).

As death became demonized throughout society – so did the truth of Earth as death [rebirth] is her greatest gift to her children.

When Sacred Union experienced separation, the people stopped trusting that we will always be reborn even though the great earthen codes show us time and time again. They started to believe that death was finite and should be feared or avoided – at any cost.

Without humanity experiencing conscious rebirth, hearts turned power hungry.

And our Magdalene sisters also started to see a split in connection. As some reached towards the cosmos for support, others dove down beneath the surface to remain in pure trust of her perfect alchemy.

These are distortions in sexual energy that so many are now healing within the Priestess Path.

Song of Sophia is an ancestral path of the plant-attuned, or the Path of the Rose Lineage. We are healing the distorted power dynamics in sexual wounds and re-weaving matter with the light of nature through heaven on Earth embodiment.

🦢✨🌹 Magdalene Rises Now.

Love, Eliza @mermaidtempleofthewomb