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The Medicine of Becoming Me

Sarah Dawn is a Seven Sister and co-creator at Song of Sophia School.


When I first heard Song of Sophia I felt an opening in my heart. Excitement! I know what magnetic means now. This certain *knowing* that this was something I was wanting and waiting for, and it was time.


I signed up for it. Having known Eliza for many years, I was invited to deeper mentorship as a ‘Seven Sister’ role. But soon after, I found out I was pregnant with my third child. 


This threw me for a loop! 🌀 I knew that my knowing was so strong but how would I do this with a newborn? Do I belong? Am I worthy? Can I make this work with 3 children? 


The truth of my knowing was just enough, and I decided to take it one day at a time. 


With every step, every unfolding, it was a commitment to myself, a commitment to my worth, and the medicine becoming me. 


I learned how all walks of life, the very human parts of us, are what are needed in shamanic education. Song of Sophia supports family dynamics and changing human lifestyles. 


I learned this as the stories and insecurities came forward of “mom guilt” or “money stuff” or “imposter syndrome.” With each story that appeared, I learned how to meet it with grace. The education teaches to bring ourselves, myself back to the plants. The ones who guided me here in the first place. 


I met the shadows time again and returned to a heart forward journey of confidence and reception of all the gifts waiting for me. 


To be a part of Song of Sophia is a rebirth in confidence and worthiness. This is developed within the school as it is part of the medicine path. Eliza shares that what makes a medicine woman is her trust in her medicine. I am a testimony to how this is fulfilled through real life experience. 


I put to practice the belief that I am worthy to experience such pleasure. I learned how a medicine woman believes she is so so worthy and SO LOVED, when facing the absolute darkest part of a soul’s experiences. 


To get to know your own worth so that you end all comparisons is an initiation. I want to whisper, “expect this and let it happen.”


It helps us align more soulfully and purposefully and others innately begin to recognize our eternal worth too! 


Taking the journey with Song of Sophia is a real reclamation of sorts. A calling back all you’ve lost and letting go all that is ready to die. It’s a journey of soft listening with the plants, the ancestors, the elementals, and all-loving God. It’s a remembering. A deep ancient love rebirthing for the future.