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The Recovery of our Rootstock


The rootstock is the root system of a tree with a part of the stem.
Onto this, the flowering or fruiting of another tree is grafted.
This is then grown as a whole new tree.
Many trees can be grafted onto the same rootstock.”


the recovery of our rootstock is




We’ve been torn apart.

From the inside AND the outside.


We’ve been decentralized; demagnetized. Taught to focus more on what’s happening over there, in that ‘victimized population’ instead of right here.


But our ancestors are returning, and quickly. Are you available to receive them?


Intrafamily healing is guided by the earth. Returning home, again and again.

Restoring stars, plants, and songs by way of magnetism.


Ancestral restoration is a primal medicine to heal wounds of the war, propaganda, and associated agendas that have positioned ancestors apart.


That have pushed ancestors into well or sick; threat or victim; capable or incapable.


And a pressure to control magnetism – to control the positioning of humanity – has us furthering disconnection in the organic grid.


The pressure to control magnetism comes from being a “good, woke, and evolved person” in left agenda. It furthers us from our ancestors.


The pressure to control magnetism comes from an “inverted sense of abundance and worthiness” in right agendas. It furthers us from our ancestors.


When organically connected to the earth, the fluidity of the elements magnetize ancestors to gather, and we get what we need. The earth leads us to restore our ancestral connections first before reaching outside of our own nest.

It’s the divine mechanics of nature.


Ancestors that are ready and available to be in reciprocity are intrinsically magnetized together when we release control on population relation. The earth organically magnetizes what is needed to restore the planet’s heartbeat. The healing of body + earth, across humanity, is miraculous when we release control of the light.


To resurrect is one of the strongest magnetic pulls of the earth.


Are you curious to see what happens when we hand the power to the natural world?


When we return the key to the mystery of Matriarch & Patriarch together; sacred union.


To trust this pull can seem risky… but it is worth it. The gifts are so worth it.


the recovery of our rootstock as



I remember the moment I prayed for you to return. It was simple yet profound as I knew that it was me meant to speak the words of return. It was me as matriarch who calls the family home. It was my beloved as stone who held the earth as it shook; as volcano erupted that very night, and our wounds of separation began to seal.

Congratulations to the first seeding of Song of Sophia Medicine Women


When considering all of us together, we have 60 nights of ceremony, minimum. Some of us at least double that number together. And in total of our journey, each one of us together, it will pass 900 days.


900 days… and asking for more


It can be structurally interesting to map time within a journey of descent and resurrection.


To understand spirit as ancestry and space as numbers; to recognize result as physical devotion is grounding a certain dimension.


Our song lines repeat as wave and pattern.


We witness our ceremonies reflected in collective energy reports and dreamtimes tales. The very real form that shapes from our rituals as sacred union is boundlessly evident. We infuse possibility of such a return for all family trees.


May it be so.


Sincere gratitude to our partners, children, and families for supporting our continual hermitage and attunement requirements.



Written by Song of Sophia Matriarch Eliza