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The Sacredness of Wild Initiation

Psilocybin is one of the most sacred materials and spiritual existences on this planet.


Removing the inherent spirituality and rightful keepers of psilocybin equates to a genocide of our greatest ancestors.


The mushrooms are not ours to colonize, legalize, or control in anyway. To completely remove them from that conversation is a great gift to my ancestors and my relationship with them. Which is why I don’t talk about it much and no longer attend conferences.


Yet the disembodiment of mushrooms from their spiritual essence is happening at an accelerated rate and by an urgency for ‘perceived safety’, as result of inorganic influence. 'Safe' distribution pressures are a stress response of the unnatural world.


Mushrooms are organic living beings. They are alive and yet still hardly heard. This is not lack of human desire but rather lack of human capacity for the truly wild world.  Mushrooms are not ours to regulate. The rightful keepers are chosen by them through wild initiations. They hold their own holy regulation, above the head of any human. They are NOT ours and do not belong to anyone, period.


They belong to the wild world.

They are more indigenous here than we could even fathom.

They are the true Kingdom.


Factory farming mushrooms does dim their light, just like it has done to humans who are also enslaved and factory farmed.Highly-processed mushroom powders, medicines, tinctures, and mushrooms in clinical industry are hardly mushrooms at all. They are the skin of a mushroom and the spiritual body is somewhere else. It does not compute.


It is important to recognize that mushrooms can be disembodied and dismembered too.  Mushroom consciousness is now heavily influenced by a false authority - by an ego driven to power - and a control grid that does not have capacity to receive them in their fullness.  This is a world that does not have reciprocity for them or truly serve them.


Mushrooms require human touch. They require song, and they require a relationship with the wild to flourish and remain whole.  Just as we require touching our mushrooms. Literal skin to mushroom contact is connects our physiological system to the spirit of the mushroom.


Do not put mushrooms on a pedestal and think they are so powerful that they are beyond being harmed by the matrix.  They aren’t beyond this harm.  Wild mushrooms (fully intact mushrooms) will be the first ones to show you how the mushroom realm is held captive, just like us. Held by the harm of false authorities, massive business, and careers designed to prosper from psilocybin as connection to God.


They experience effects of pharmaceutical enslavement and clinical colonization. And they especially feel the extraction of God from what is inherently spiritual.  Extraction of the wild from mushrooms are not conditions for sovereignty.


The purpose of this message is an invitation to tend very closely, with acute and evolving awareness, the ways in which you participate with the mushrooms through ‘an ego desiring healing’ instead of a prayerful co-creation with their wild spirit.  Not all mushrooms are the same. Wild mushrooms are more expansive and hold more capacity for natural truth than cultivated mushrooms.  Many of the mushroom experiences available in the western world were first curated by ego’s drive to survive and escape suffering, and not through a natural and reciprocal way. This is important to recognize.


The inorganic propaganda is so strong that people are scared to eat mushrooms they find in the wild! This is the whole point… Eating wild mushrooms is the original invitation by the mushrooms. The timeless initiation that brings someone truly into sacred reciprocity with them.  This is the initiation that is mushroom-directed and not human-controlled.  And it is being removed by entitlement of the inorganic world.


If you desire a relationship with the mushrooms, make space to integrate the wild way too. Go out and find them in the forest.

Let them appear to you.

Sit with them long enough to know that they want you to eat them, and you have no fear about putting a wild mushroom in your body. 

This is a test of relationship, of communication, of spirit leading the way, and of a mushroom also desiring to work with you. This is a sacred rite in keeping the mushrooms and a holy quest not to be ignored or bypassed.


Mushroom keeping and medicine is not just going to a mushroom depot, or growing / buying in crazy quantities, or only being with the ‘safe’ ones to eat. We do not become a ‘mushroom shaman’ through a neverending supply. There is an inherent quest that is being lost through clinical and industrial involvement.  A sick western world has ‘qualified practitioners’ facilitating relationships with the mushrooms - as an authority in someone's journey with God - without any rites of passage initiated only by nature and the organic - by God themself.


Mushrooms will not be embodied in their whole frequency when shared by hands not chosen through the sovereign rites of passages that exist only in wild.  This isn’t because these hands are unloved or unworthy. It is because these hands have not experienced what is necessary to embody the pure wildness of the unobstructed mushroom frequency.  This is an important acknowledgement, and lends to a valuable recognition that the world is so backwards that most mushroom healing is directed by unintegrated ego and misguided survival mechanisms at the foundation.


Can you imagine ~ what if mushrooms had their full sovereign capacity to provide medicine? 

Without this acknowledgement, there is an extraction of the wild ways. It is an extraction of the ancestors.

And it is an extraction of relational reciprocity with the mushrooms and the inherent sacred ways that evolved through time immemorial.


As a result of inorganic pressure, qualifications, and regulation, we have a bunch of open heads walking around detached from their body, ingesting a ‘God molecule’ that is becoming more heavily colonized and harvested for mass-consumption in the name of ‘healing’.

The government and pharmaceutical industry cannot wait to sell you mushrooms from their regulated sources. They cannot wait to genetically modify humanity through mushrooms, just like food and city water.

They cannot wait to further control connections in your brain and minimize connection to the wild.

Maybe mushrooms are illegal because they don’t want to be compromised… and not the other way around?

The god-molecule that exists in the wild medicine will never be what the industry is selling.

Because the wild god would have us all seeing through this unnatural grid so fast. Which would topple any career enthusiasts or, ‘power over’ regulations. It is all an inversion.

The mushrooms farmed by uninitiated career enthusiasts for ‘safe and regulated use’ contain a god-molecule rooted in the astral - easily manipulated, and NOT in its full sovereign power.