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The Wise Ones Are Returning

The Wise Ones Are Returning

By DaZzalina RaYdiaance with additions from Eliza

For too long the mental health crisis in our world -especially this country – has been vastly overlooked, heavily over-drugged, and wildly misunderstood. 


The mental health sector has created a ‘shame and blame industry’ that pressures suffering individuals to fund their hierarchical agendas and pay for their pills.

Whether someone is in a state of mania, sleepwalking, chronically depressed, or frozen and unable to perform daily functions – it is all seen as the fault of the person instead of an unwell society.

The first step in being the proper kind of support for someone is understanding how mainstream society has made mental illness the norm through generations of child neglect and abuse.

The abusive behavior from parents is all that they know. It stems from their own unawareness of what trauma is, and it is perpetuated by a society that doesn’t support health; but is instead, an indoctined system of slavery.

These patterns of unconsciousness are so painful that they more often get passed down through family lines instead of healed, which has inevitably created a world filled with mentally and emotionally unwell humans as the norm. 

And now, as these humans struggle to get by each day, they are also made to feel ‘less than’ or are positioned by the industry that profits off of them as completely ‘insane’ too.

Those without privilege to exit mainstream society aren’t given much of a chance to achieve any level of wellness, let alone given a proper chance at their birthright of life, liberty, and happiness.


The wise ones from across the globe have a much different approach to mental illness. They seem to care for the well being of others first and foremost. This brings an understanding of the root cause of behavior and how to tend it with a depth of compassion that our mental health system doesn’t have the capacity to do.

The wise ones are returning to our own power; helping us to find our own roots within this massive illness industrial complex.

Through restoring our ancestral connection to ancient practices and offering ceremonies that help those struggling to obtain some form of empowerment, clarity, and understanding of their conditions from the unseen realms

The wise ones help to lessen our dependence on the system that enslaved us, and teach us to call our power back, so we can change from the inside out and not depend on another. It starts with awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance.

It is up to us to seek the wise ones and find them. They have been hiding in plain sight, and they are available. Start with your prayer practice to connect to one. 


Together we can do better not only for ourselves but for one another.


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