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Venus: Mermaid, Dragons, Oh my!

Venus: Mermain, Dragons, Oh my!
By Samantha Rhoads, Seven Sister


Venus is a mermaid who swims with dragons, dancing in between the realms with roses in her hair. She holds the light of the Heavens in her eyes and the darkness of the Beneath within her womb. Consciously merging them at her heart, surrendering to the cycles of the Divine, her everlasting imprint is the Venusian Rose in the night skies.


It’s easy to search for the mythology of Venus and find a plethora of resources to learn the common associations of this Goddess. What doesn’t show up immediately, is that Venus is tied to the Goddess Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, and so on. Venus is a Goddess of the Heavens and the Seas- as well as the Underworld.


speaking, the synodic period of the Venus cycle is 584 days. This breaks down to 263 days as a Morning Star, 50 days absent, 263 days as an Evening Star, 8 days absent. This entire synodic period creates the Venusian Rose, a five petal rose, as it moves across the sky over eight years- landing in almost the exact same spot that it started eight years prior.


If you follow the Venusian Sophianic Waves, when she’s visible in the Eastern sky before sunrise, you’ll observe Venus beginning her descent in the sky until she crosses the horizon into the Underworld. She remains in her shadows for six weeks until she is observed ascending in the Western sky as an Evening star. It is here she will make progress in her ascension until she hits her retrograde period, a time where she must revisit the lessons in the Underworld before fully reaching her ascension as a Morning Star once again.

November 21- Venus moves into Scorpio


This is a time of intense passion and deep emotions. Jealousy and paranoia may surface in your relationships if you’re unable to ride the waves of the Scorpion. Surrender to the flow and you may just discover new layers and depths within yourself and your loved ones that will bring joy and peace to all around.


Featured Art by: Emily Ballet

Blog Art by: Lori Menna