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What is Inside Eliza’s Birth Bag?

Written by Eliza


Oh! What’s in my birth bag?!
I love this question. What do I bring when I go to births?


It depends on the birth but usually just my drum, some potions for shamanic work and some uterine herbs for tea, good nutritious food for the family and myself, an offering for the land, maybe some divination tools like selenite, and my sacred pipe.

I attend a birth for as long as the family needs me. I’ve been to hospital births, but my natural realm is the home. Just mama, papa and sometimes kiddos or grandparents, or friends that are also primordial midwives or doulas.

Birth can be a beautiful chorus and ceremony of love. Birth can be harmless.

The families I work with are incredibly wise and self-aware beings. They are devoted to the physiological birthing process, are trusting of their path, and are well-educated themselves. They have everything they need to bring a baby into the world – which really isn’t much… trust, presence, and a bunch of towels!

What I do at a birth is trust in the loving power of the family. I cleanse any energy of possible complications – aka I clear fear, or inorganic obstructions, within the natural fluidity that is always available to us.

I love, I sing, I tend fire. I assist any trauma that surfaces in the body as the pelvis and womb expand to enter the dimension of the divine. I talk to the ancestors who hold the beauty prayer of miracles.

Truly my embodiment is a pillar of entrainment by itself. I don’t have to ‘do’ much at all for others to remember how easy and pleasureful birth is within the core of all Being.

Sometimes this knowing happens early in a pregnancy and sometimes I get to witness a baby’s first breath.  People can reclaim their sovereignty or their orgasmic birthpower at anytime. I am available for whenever that happens.

Sometimes I’m just there for funsies as the mama midwives herself. Birth can be so fun! Sometimes I’m just on the phone.  But assuredly, my ears are present and listening in many dimensions.

My continual practice as a medicine woman is to soften, to be certain, to clear the channel with divine will, and trust how I respond to God as She speaks.
This is a photo of my dear teacher Whapio Diane Bartlett with Song of Sophia students & the placenta of sweet Koda Rose who was born in 20 minutes after a nice nap and songs with myself, mama Sarah Dawn, and her niece 🥰✨
There is truly a midwife who is perfect for everyone.