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“Why is rose the plant attunement you recommend for healing Covid?”

“Why is rose the plant attunement you recommend for healing Covid?”

By Eliza


The myths of our Rose Lineage are in the stars, the ancestors seen and unseen, the planetary transits, and the embodiment is the roots, stem, buds, petals, and thorns of the rose plant family.


When attuning to rose as a plant-taught initiate,
our own particular myth
our soul’s unique truth
our primordial seed
is awakened within our cells.


This makes conscious the truth of our lived experience, propels us through layers of our psyche that we have forbidden, and teaches embodiment of our own timeless wisdom.

This healing is our redemption of our thorns, and is an organic protection.

The thorns are protection not only because they make boundary for those who touch us without tender care…


But more so, as we reclaim the way we hurt ourselves, we gather discernment of illusion and manipulation through opportunity to trust our own connection to the earthen womb instead of falling into trauma bond with an external template or technology.


The rose connects us to the true love, and we re-learn what love is through illuminating all the ways we tried to control (help) another and ourselves by submitting to an inorganic medicine that ‘proved’ easier or safer.


In the primordial love of the mother, we learn how our thorns only ever hurt ourselves.

We open to a divine love that makes space to integrate divine will, and the veils of lower density that perpetuate illusions of unity and healing start to lift naturally. This true love is protection.


We do not have to seek to unearth the secrets as they fall apart in our very sight.

We return to our essence, untouched by the wars of the world around us, yet we are completely woven within them.

The medicine of rose is transformation of love in sacred service to ourselves as human, and to all of humanity.