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Womb Ritual

Womb Ritual
By Dazzy RaYdiaance, Seven Sister


A wombs monthly moon cycle brings deep insight, power, wisdom, magic and opportunity for release and renewal.


Each month’s experience varies, no two cycles are the same, which brings forth unique medicine for that exact moment in time. Some months are gentle, magical and beautiful. While other months can be more intense, very painful yet extremely powerful. Whether emergent or endurance experiences, the blood offers us exceptional potential for healing, and I’d like to share one my recent experience and the ritual I did with it.


This month I had an unusually painful period, like excruciating. While I was in the midst of agony, throughout the painful waves of cramps, I asked what the pain was trying to communicate. And I began noticing old narratives of insecurity in my psyche; some major pieces of myself that have kept me living in doubt and fear. I KNEW this painful experience was a dying off of these old fearful stories in my subconscious. I was experiencing a deep psychological shedding with my internal, physical shedding. I began to literally feel these conditions releasing from me; and even though I was in mad pain, I rejoiced in the magic of this fear leaving my body, my mind, and my soul.


The painful release was purposeful. Hanging on to these outdated stories was truly more painful for me than these cramps! Subconscious patterns of thought can slowly take a human down day by day, moment by moment. And I much prefer the rapid painful death of this part of myself, rather than a slow painful death of my soul due to this part of myself.
So with the power of the womb and my cycle, I shed this piece, and lay Her to rest. 


I collected my blood, grabbed my favorite pen and paper, smudged, and set the space to start a purification ritual.


I wrote out all of the things that came up for me: the fears, doubts, insecurities and other false stories led by manipulation that I have worked through, and am now ready to release. From here, I found a safe and separate space in my garden to burn and bury this letter. I took the letter, a lighter, water bottle (in case of needing to put fire out), smudge, and my blood.


I dug a hole, and I settled in.
I read each sentence to the earth, giving it back for composting.
Upon completion, I burn the letter and let the ashes fall into the hole.


I follow this by pouring the blood on top and singing my prayers.


Lastly I bury the hole, giving so much thanks to the Earth, to my womb and cycles of life for the continual deaths and rebirthing stages that hold and mold us tenderly. I place a flower on top as a gift to this sacred burial. Then I took a bath for cleansing and renewal.


I recommend doing whatever calls in you if you wish to do this process. Do it exactly in the way that your intuition is guiding.

May we continually celebrate the immense power and beauty the womb holds.
Thank you to the blood for helping us to embody transformative death and rebirth portals!


Blessings and love!


Artwork by Soulart.klerks