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Yule Crafting Celebration with Emma

Our advanced students will be offering online and in person events woven within the Song of Sophia Lineage as part of our celebration of the final few months before graduation.  We are a gifting lineage with roots deeply embedded in the mythos of Yuletide, Christmas and the fae Worlds of White.  It is a great joy of our lineage to share gifts of the light at Yuletide!  Below is an offering from Song of Sophia Pilgrim Emma Kelzenberg of Rosegold Rebirth


"As the Spirit and season of Yule began to approach, I could feel a specific magic arising within me. It’s a magic I see (and smell even) in my home throughout the year. It catches me off guard, even when the house is a mess, even when we’ve had a hard day. It’s sparkly, it’s joyous, and it has a luminous glow like Christmas morning. 


As the days got shorter, I started feeling this light emerge in a larger way. I could feel the returning of the light inside me. When the seasons turned, this light became stronger, and with it came the impulse to share, to create. Truthfully, it came with some trepidation too, of wanting to be in right relationship with this Sacred time and with my lineage. 


As I sat with these feelings, I felt a deep desire to create something to adorn my altar, something that would help me embody the gifts I’ve received being part of such a deeply rooted lineage. Being part of Song of Sophia has given me a new perspective on life, on love, on embodiment, on the Wheel of the Year. Being part of Song of Sophia has given me opportunity to find my intrinsic authority, my organic body, my Sacred Union. 


These are just a few of the gifts of the Spirit I have received. The muse spoke to me to illuminate the gifts of the Spirit and welcome the light in celebration. I share this event in the Spirit of deep humility, of celebration, of gifts of the Spirit and of the return of the light. Join me in adorning our altars with the Tree of Light and sharing mythos and mystery as we call in the light once again to our homes and hearts.


The price of the event is $20. If you are unable to afford admission, or if you wish to pay more, please choose the Sliding Scale option at checkout.


Craft Supplies and Medicines:

You are welcome to bring your own supplies to craft your tree.  I will be sending out a list of supplies you may want after you register for the event.  I am also offering to ship the stand and the tree piece to you for $6, to cover the cost of shipping. These have been lovingly harvested in prayer by the trees on my property.





I have crafted a Magic of the Forest ritual oil and a Yuletide Celebration Incense blend to accompany this event. $25 for both, shipped.


If you wish to receive craft supplies and the oil/incense, the same price applies of $25.


If you would like to order any of these items, please place your order ASAP to ensure delivery on time. I make no guarantees that these items will arrive on time, but will do my best to ship quickly.  I plan to enjoy both the incense and the oil throughout the yuletide so even if it doesn't arrive on the day I trust you will have time to enjoy them!   Email me at to place your order.


**Preparation information (including a list will be sent out after purchasing of your ticket. Please note that tickets are non-refundable. If you have an emergent situation occur, contact me directly at