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applications & registration: october 1 2023

online opening: december 21 2023

Calling all parts of ourselves here & now.

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Song of Sophia is a school of wise women sourced by an ancient wellspring of the otherworld. ever-evolving in our womb-wise, plant taught, intuitive intelligence, we rebirth innocence as a primordial midwife of consciousness and family.

Ears anchored to the organic pulse of earth ---

We are present in the sacred union; returning and tending to the innocence rebirthing in each moment.

Devoted to the timeless fountain,

the essence of Her.

We dream & receive as oracle.

We return to the golden spark.

Resurrecting our Ancestral Tree through songs of light ;
weaving spontaneous divinity from the paradox, we restore the primordial conception of creation.

How we pray is a reflection of how we live.


Song of Sophia Hawaii





The Invitation,

old dragon, mother of whales,

rose incarnate


Descendants of the deer,
the devotional descent,
& effortless rising sun;
Swan Star
Faery Lore
Siren Song
Light of the Plants
Salt of the Earth
Dieteras & Druids


Noya Rao



Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 7.47.47 AM



You’ve been on the path, finding solace with the plants in between your fingertips,

in stewarding the planetary pulse, letting Her breathe you.

Your body is activated; playing, alive, sensual and full of wild wonder.

You recognize the pull into the center of the spiral,

the living paradox of being; and importantly, un-being.

You are fertile in the resounding echo of

now what?

When the womb is ready,

the sisterhood appears as

the rose

Song of Sophia is nature's first daughter.

The wild blossoming;



5 petals & fruit

shifting as witness


Song of Sophia is a plant-taught Sophianic Sisterhood of Primordial Creation; ever-evolving as emanation of Divine Mother in service to the all loving conception of divinity and human soul.

We are sharing connection, a family-led yet feminine-directed school, and a lifestyle of weaving the elements.

We are remembering our primal ancestry, our celebrations of uniqueness,

and honorings of both the mythic wounding and the natural cycles of birth & death.

Woman pouring water while in pool
Song of Sophia symbol


“ The Mermaid Temple is a magical healing portal. It is the humble way, the simple way. I go through years of transformation, of my most painful wounds, in one day. There is nothing like it. A loving system of wholesome, supportive women.”
Melanie Rose


The plants guide our song.

We value oracular singing as a reclamation of both mythos and inner gnosis.

As a wild school of museful medicine, we inspire intimate sensuality with nature, plants, animals, elementals, and our shared heritage among the primordial mothers.

We rebirth the fertility grids within the Northwind and Elven Flame, Lemurian frequency, Magdalene Midwifery, The Fae, The Rose, The Grail and Christos-Sophia; while weaving with the honorably passed teachings of Shipibo medicine culture, and Hawaiian Kahunas with Lemurian heritage.

Song of Sophia Rose

Eliza founded Song of Sophia by inspiration of living fertility, to nurture our genetic connection to the primordial wild of our soma, and to spark miracles. She is holding empowering opportunity for family and threshold by way of shadow realm, soul retrieval, and descent & resurrection while embracing what has been forbidden for the divine feminine.

Song of Sophia Rose


The 13 Pillars of Song of Sophia Living Lineage

To Know Thyself • Sacred Reciprocity • Divine Will • Song of Self • Physiological Parthenogensis & Birthing • The Primordial Pause • Somatic Trauma-Training & Integration • Paradox & Mystery • Ceremony • Compassionate Caretaking • Intimacy • Sacred Union • Celebration

We do not close our eyes to suffering nor do we profit from it.

Group of woman sitting on a tree
Song of Sophia Symbol


I followed Eliza online for 9 months before I contacted her. After that, I had two sessions. Again, I followed her for another year before I truly dove into our work together. You see, I'm a trauma survivor. I don't trust many people, nor am I in a rush to hook my wagon to just anyone's star. So I waited, I watched, I listened… and I saw impeccable ethics, emphasis on the integrated whole, a trauma-informed approach, and an honest representation of a personal healing path walked. One of the reasons I work with Eliza is because she meets all my standards for healthiness in a healer/mentor. An even greater reason though is that she sees me, and she is able to hold all that she sees. On top of that, she shares a treasure of relationship to the plants, to the Earth, to the body, and to what holds it all together. My work with Eliza is part of my spirituality and part of my trauma healing. It touches every aspect of my life and I am left better for it.

Study With Us Online Now

Our self-directed courses are designed for you to explore at your own pace and in your own time. We have several course offerings available for immediate self-study.

Are you interested but need human connection?

Our next date for application in long-term Song of Sophia studies starts September 2023.

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